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LOWEST ROGUE (Quosatana to Gold Beach)

4 July 2007 Wednesday 2000
Gold Beach Port Tidal
Trip Notes:  The 4th of July Fireworks are scheduled to be shot off at 2200-10pm.  Put-in at the public boat ramp in the Port of Gold Beach Boat Basin at about 2000 and paddle around.  You'll spot other boats on the water...paddle to join them.  You should be prepared for wind until sundown and should have a white light on the stern of your boat (behind you, not in front of you).

This annual event is always worth it.  The fireworks are spectacular from the water.  See you on the water for the Gold Beach 4th of July Fireworks!

Final Tally:

Nearest City:

Gold Beach, Oregon




We consider the Lowest Rogue to be from Quosatana to the Port of Gold Beach.

Let's take things in order.  There is a map below for your convenience.

Weather:  Wind is the thing that needs to be mentioned.  In the winter months the wind is what it is.  Some days are windy, some are not.  In the summer months almost always the wind starts blowing upriver at about noon.  This is because the Willamette Valley heats up and starts drawing the cooler coastal air inland.  Some folks hate this wind.  If you are in an inflatable boat you will wish you weren't.  If you paddle with feathered paddles you will have the benefit over those that don't.  The solution:  Start early.

The logical Take-outs:

Before paddling you must determine your take-out so that you can leave a vehicle.

The Port of Gold Beach is located at the extreme lower end of the Rogue.  Plenty of parking and easy launch facilities as well as restrooms and year round restaurants.  The Port is located inside a breakwater so the water is sheltered.

The Riverview Restaurant is about 1 mile upriver from the Port, and to the east of the Patterson Bridge.  There is a launch ramp and restaurant here, however the restaurant is not always open.

The Old Mill Site is about 5 miles east of Gold Beach.  You access the river by turning north off of the South Bank Road and driving to the edge of the river.  You will be on a gravel bar.  2wd is OK if you are careful.

Huntley Park is about 7 miles east of Gold Beach.  Again, you will access the river here via the gravel bar.  Access to the gravel bar is at the west end of Huntley Park.  Restrooms.

Lobster Creek Campground is 10 miles east of Gold Beach.  Amble parking, a launch ramp and restrooms.

Quosatana Campground is 14 miles east of Gold Beach and is at the top of what we call the Lowest Rogue.  It's also at the bottom of the Lower Rogue.  We consider the Lower Rogue to be from Foster Bar to Quosatana.  Quosatana Campground has restrooms and a launch ramp.

A word about the commercial jet boats:  Many of the jet boat drivers are personal friends of Lunartic Jim.  They are a great bunch of guys who do their jobs well.  They will never do anything that they think will hurt you or put you in danger.  If they travel by you at speed stay away from the shoreline and put your bow into the wake.  All will be fine.  If you want them to throw you a wave "wave them on in an exciting manner".  They might come closer and throw a wave or two at you.  If you want even more waves dare them to come back to try to dump you.  The passengers love this kind of action.  Lunartic Jim has never seen a kayak overturn in a jet boat wake, even when the driver was trying hard.

If you want a jetboat to slow down put your paddle straight up into the air and hold it there. 

Don't forget to wave at the passengers.  Almost all of them are wishing they were you.

The Lowest Rogue is utilized by many, especially in the summer months.  Be respectful of fishermen as you paddle by.  Try to stay away from them.  The private jet boats are often operated by drivers unfamiliar with the river.  Be alert. 

Paddle Trips on the Lowest Rogue

Paddle Up River from Quosatana:  This paddle requires no shuttle and is very pleasant.  Paddle upriver for as long as you want.  You may need to portage your boat past a riffle or two.  When you are tired turn around and float back to Quosatana.  This is a Lunartic Jim favorite.

Quosatana to Lobster Creek:  River time is about an hour.  The most difficult piece of water is where the Quosatana Pond ends and the river flows downhill for a bit.  The rest is easier.  This is an excellent section to paddle.

Lobster Creek to Huntley Park:  River time is about an hour.  Nothing difficult in this section.  Very pretty. 

Huntley Park to the Old Mill Flat:  River time is about an hour.  The Rogue is flowing out of the coastal range.  This section is even more flat than those above.  Pleasant.  Lots of birds.

Old Mill Flat to Riverview Restaurant:  River time is about an hour.  You have two choices here.  Stay river right and travel down the main stem of the Rogue.  Stay river left (the flow should be more than 1,500 cfs) and paddle down the old main stem.  This channel dries up as the river drops so don't paddle this at low levels unless you want to portage a bit.  The jet boats don't travel this channel.

The put-in at Quosatana

This is typical Lowest Rogue although
riffles and eddies are present also.
Class 1 or less and you can go
around them if you want.  Personally
Lunartic Jim likes to play in them...good practice.

This is the Huntley Park gravel bar.
You can take-out here if you want.

4 July 2006 Tuesday 8 pm 4th of July, Rogue River


Meet in the harbor (boat basin) on the water sometime after 8 pm.  It is suggested that you put-in at the public launch ramp in the boat basin.  Other put-in options are Jot's, Lex's Landing, Riverview.  There will almost certainly be wind until the sun goes down.  Then the wind dies.  The fireworks start.  The magic begins.  There is no better way to watch the spectacular Gold Beach fireworks than from the water.

18 April 2006 Tuesday 0800 Rogue River


Trip notes:  Meet at the Indian Cree Cafe for breakfast or in the parking lot at 0900 after breakfast.  We will drive to Huntley Park where we will drop a vehicle or two and then will proceed about 9 miles upriver to Quosatana where we will put-in.  Estimated time on the river is 2 to 2-1/2 hours.

11 April 2006 Tuesday 1900 Full Moon, Rogue River click
Trip notes:  We will paddle from the Port of Gold Beach.  Launch below the Nor'Wester restaurant.  Try to be in the water by 7 pm.  4 of us paddled this 4/9.  It was great.  We will be off the water between 9-10 pm.

19 February 2006 Sunday


Hunter Creek


Trip Notes:  Due to low water we were unable to paddle Hunter Creek today.  Hard to believe after a record breaking wet January.  Paddled Lowest Rogue instead.


Paddling toward the ocean on the Silt-Coos Kayak Canoe Trail.  About 4 miles south of Florence, Oregon.

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