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Lower Rogue (Foster Bar to Quosatana)

25 and 26, 2007
Saturday & Sunday 0900 Rogue River Overnight and Full Moon Paddle Class 2
Trip Notes:  This is a fun trip.  We did it last year and 10 people had a great time. 

We will be staying overnight Saturday (Aug 25th) at Lucas Lodge (541-247-7443, www.lucaslodge.us).

Here is how it goes:

  • Saturday morning, Aug 25th, 1100:  Meet at the Quosatana boat launch ramp (see map on this page) at 1100.   If you will be spending Saturday night at Lucas Lodge you will need to bring your overnight stuff with you.  It is critical that you be on time!
  • We will carpool and proceed from the Quosatana boat launch area to  Foster Bar where we will put-in.
  • The section of river between Foster Bar and Lucas Lodge is the shorter segment of this two day trip...and the bumpier of the two.  Two Mile Rapids (2+) is fun but you need to pay attention.  You will be able to see this section of the river from the road on the way to launch.
  • We will be putting in at Foster Bar which is where many/most of the Wild and Scenic rafters take out.
  • Our take-out on Saturday will be at Lucas Lodge.  You need to have called for a reservation).  We will be eating both our evening and morning meals and spending the night at Lucas Lodge.
  • Those so inclined will paddle upriver in the evening under the full moon.
  • Sunday morning August 26th:  We will depart Lucas Lodge after breakfast.
  • Copper Canyon will be the most dramatic section of the river that we will paddle through.  This water is all Class 1 to 2- at this time of year.  Fun and beautiful.
  • One of the goals will be to get to Quosatana by about 1200 noon...before the up river afternoon winds start to blow.
  • Make your reservations early!
Final Tally:  8 Kayakers and 2 'just to relax' enjoyed Saturday and Sunday on the Rogue River.  The first day run from Foster Bar was easy and pleasant.  The river was relatively calm.  Lucas Lodge was great.  Good digs and food.  Sunday from Lucas Lodge to Quosatana was very pleasant with wind from upriver.  Lots of fishermen.  We saw no fish being caught.


Nearest City:

Agness, Oregon


1 & 2

This Lower Rogue section of the Rogue River is an interesting section.  You must be able to control your boat when you paddle the Rogue. 

Foster Bar:  This is one of the kayak put-ins and also where raft and driftboats and kayaks take-out after a 2-5 day trip through the wild and scenic section of the Rogue.  An interesting place.  Lots of parking.  Restrooms.  Two Mile Rapids (the only Class 2 rapid on this Lower Rogue section) is several rapids below Foster Bar.  A typical line through two mile rapids is to enter on the tongue and then stay river right of the standing waves.  You should be fine.

Cougar Lane: One of the commercial jet boat stops, a restaurant and bar, small grocery store, motel, restrooms, access to the gravel bar and ample parking. This is a common put-in or take-out because it is on the South Bank Road.

Agness (the actual Agness, Oregon):  Is near the end of the road on the north bank.  About 10 miles further than Cougar Lane, though just across the river (you need to driver further upriver, cross the river, then back down the river).

Singing Springs Resort:  Across the Rogue River from Cougar Lane.  A commercial jetboat stop and a lodge.  Access to the Agness Store can be had from Singing Springs.

Lucas Lodge:  Lunartic Jim's favorite.  A kayaker and commercial jet boat stop for lunch or dinner.  An old inn and cabins.  Very reasonable rates.  541-247-7443.  Nice.  Lucas Lodge is about 8 river miles below Foster Bar.

Quosatana:  The end of this section of river.  A campground, boat launch, and restroom area.  Quosatana is about 14 miles up the Rogue River South Bank Road from Gold Beach.  Quosatana is about 14 river miles below Cougar Lane.

Some of the riffles can be large and intimidating.  However most can be 'gone around'.  The Rogue is wide with lots of maneuvering room for kayaks.  Wear your life jacket.  Take a lunch.  Have a great time.

  • Quosatana:  about 14 river miles from Gold Beach.

  • Agness/Cougar Lane: about 14 river miles above Quosatana.

  • Foster Bar: about 8 river miles above Cougar Lane.


12-13 August 2006 Sat-Sun 1130 Overnight, Rogue River
This can be any one of 3 trips:
Rogue Overnight:  At least Cheryl and I will be staying overnight at Lucas Lodge.  We will have our dinner and breakfast there also.  Others can also stay at Lucas Lodge, or can eat dinner at Lucas Lodge and then travel downriver into Copper Canyon and spend the night on a gravel bar.

Meet at the Quosatana launch ramp area at 1100 Saturday, August 12, 2006.  We will carpool from there to Foster Bar.  Quosatana is located about 14 miles inland from Gold Beach.

It is at Quosatana that we will take-out on Sunday.

Foster Bar to Cougar Lane:  

Meet at the Quosatana launch ramp area at 1100 Saturday, August 12, 2006.  We will carpool from there to Foster Bar.  We will drop a vehicle at Cougar Lane and then continue to the Foster Bar put-in.

Cougar Lane to Quosatana:

Sunday, August 13, 2006.  We will be leaving Lucas Lodge at 0830.  Put-in at the Cougar Lane gravel bar and paddle downriver to the Lucas Lodge boat dock.  Be there by 0830.  We will take-out at Quosatana and will be able to bring a driver back upriver so you can retrieve your vehicle.

The Rogue is a great place to paddle in August.  The water is mild and slightly warm.  The gravel bar's are large and friendly.  The river is interesting.  The Osprey are flying.  I can go on and on about the Rogue.  It's a great river.

Final Tally:  10 paddlers had a great weekend.  Lucas Lodge was great to us.  This will become an annual event.  Thanks to all who participated.



Paddling toward the ocean on the Silt-Coos Kayak Canoe Trail.  About 4 miles south of Florence, Oregon.

                         The Lunartics paddle America's Wild Rivers Coast in Kayaks and Canoes.


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