Kayak America's Wild Rivers Coast with the Lunartics.

  • Q:  What should I wear?
    A:  During the winter months, we suggest that you wear a wetsuit while paddling.  One without arms is best (they are usually called 'farmer johns').  In the winter cold water is the enemy.

    During the summer months, wear layers.  In the summer the wind is the enemy. 

    A paddling jacket is extremely useful.  Be prepared to get wet on any trip...it happens to us all!

    Train to avoid, but dress to expect, accidental immersion.

    Many of us wear fleece...and many of us bring a spare change of clothes.
  • Q:  Can I come alone?
    A:  Of course.
  • Q:  What kind of boat is best?
    A:  Typically we paddle kayaks ranging from 10-14 feet.  Other boats will work.  Shorter boats are better for the smaller creeks but are tougher on the long hauls.  Longer boats are more difficult in the smaller creeks (like Hunter Creek) but will usually work.  Canoes can be fine.

    It seems that for the water that we paddle boats in the 10'-12' range are most appropriate.  More important than the boat is the skill of the paddler.

    If you bring a boat with a motor please don't turn the motor on.

    Cheryl and I own a 10' sit on top Yahoo, a 12' sit inside Current Designs Kestral, a 12' sit inside Eddyline Skylark, and a 14' sit inside Perception Spectrum, and a 18' Old Town Tripper canoe.
  • Q:  How well do I need to be able to paddle?
    A:  It depends on the trip.  Some of our trips are very easy for beginners.  Some of the trips would be dangerous for beginners.  Check the schedule and look for the words "must be able to control your boat" in the descriptions.  If you cannot control your boat, you should not participate in those paddles.  You could die or cause someone else to die while trying to rescue you.  This may sound harsh, but it is reality.

    If you are unsure about it all join us on one of our trips as a non-paddling observer.  Have breakfast with us...get to know us.  Observe our equipment...how we transport it...how we dress...how we paddle.  You will learn a lot and will be in a better position to make a good decision.
  • Q:  What about Safety?
    A:  Good question!  We are a safe group.  No deaths yet!
    ~You will always wear a lifejacket of course.
    ~Your boat will always be in good repair.
    ~You will know how to swim or let us know that you can't.
    ~When paddling at night you will have a white light in your boat, always.


  • Q: What is an Eskimo Roll?
    A:  An Eskimo Roll is something that Lunartic Jim does not know how to do (nor is he going to learn).  An Eskimo Roll is rolling your boat over and then back upright without exiting the boat.  An Eskimo Roll can be extremely useful when paddling in the ocean or on higher classed rivers and creeks.

    The waters that we paddle do not require the paddler to know how to do an Eskimo roll.  When one of us tips over in a river or creek we all work together to get the paddler and h/her gear to shore where the boat is emptied, the paddler reinserted, etc.

    It is true that if the paddler had known how to do an Eskimo roll that the capsize would not have been an incident.  Everyone would have simply continued downriver.  On the other hand...literally none of us knows how to do an Eskimo roll and we have an absolutely great time anyway.
  • Q:  I don't have a boat.  Where can I get one?
    A:  Tough question.  There used to be kayak rental in Gold Beach and in Bandon.  Both have shut down.  'Google' kayak rental.  Perhaps you will need to bring a kayak from where you live.
  • Q:  What is most important?
    A:  Attitude.  We are a group of paddlers enjoying the water.  If you are not willing to actively be a part of the group please don't join us.  We are not a group of complainers or whiners.  We are a group of happy folks who are willing to be flexible and to help the paddler that needs help.  We have a good safe time.
  • Q: Should I bring a lunch?
    A:  Yes.  Paddling can be exhausting and occasionally a very cold activity.  Bring nutrition.  Bring a lunch.  Be prepared.
  • Q: What are the Google ads all about?
    A:  Hopefully the Google ads will enhance your viewing experience.  There is more to kayaking than just this website.  By placing the Google ads on the website I am able to expose Lunartics website viewers to more than I have here.
  • Q: Are there grasses invading our waters?
    A: Yes!  Click here to read more.




Paddling toward the ocean on the Silt-Coos Kayak Canoe Trail.  About 4 miles south of Florence, Oregon.

                         The Lunartics paddle America's Wild Rivers Coast in Kayaks and Canoes.


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